museum of feelings

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Right before the holidays I headed over to New York to shoot the Museum of Feelings, a pop-up museum in the heart of New York city. the exterior acted as a mood-ring for the city. Check out the website for more details.

Location: New York, NY
Collaborators: Creative Director – Tereasa Surratt | Agency – Ogilvy | Client – Glade

cocktail culture

bourbonLaugh_4054B BourbonPr1Study BourbonPr2Study

I don’t drink a lot of bourbon these days, however – my wife and I still enjoy cocktails and the cocktail culture. I met this dashing muscian – Dan Jones – at Mott Street – and knew I had to photograph him, and a cocktial scene seemed fitting. Dan gathered some friends and we had a fun afternoon – who wouldn’t with a bottle of bourbon on set.

Location: Chicago, IL
Collaborators: Stylist – Heather Brooks | Location – Parchment Studios