meeting maddie, theron & garrett



Location: Camp Wandawega, Sugar Creek, Wisconsin, USA

While shooting with Tereasa Surratt for an upcoming editorial piece, by good fortune I got to meet Maddie [the coonhound with an incredible ability to balance on things], and her two travel companions – Theron Humphrey [dog-rescuer/photographer] & Garrett Cornelison [photographer]. They were kind enough to allow me to capture a couple of portraits of them, and along the way we shared some stories. It was such a pleasure to meet these pioneering creatives. What a great adventure they are taking, traveling the US on a book tour [Maddie on things] and documenting the stories of ‘Why we rescue‘ [dogs]. Looking forward to continuing to track their journey – follow on instagram here & here.







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  1. Bobby- love your pictures. You have an amazing ability to capture that unique beauty in life. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bob, I continue to be amazed by your creativity! You capture such beauty in your photographs. They make me feel like I’m right there with you!
    I’m proud to be your aunt. Love you!

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